Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Experiences: Day 2

Here in Florida the sun comes up earlier. So at 6:30am I was up and wide awake. I did some Bible study and some reading..... the bathtub!!! It was a great way to wake up.
Since we got to the hotel after dark we never really got to see the great view from the balcony.
Josh wanted a picture taken of the tractor raking the beach. He knew Blake would love it.

We headed out for a walk on the beach. Josh is doing the traditional "point at the sign" picture but it looks like he is just giving a thumbs up.

Liah's favorite thing to do at Lake Michigan is to collect shells. They are small but she loves them. Here there are shells everywhere! And they are descent size. We also found some coral. Josh and I decided that if we ever bring the kids here we will have to remember a bucket to collect shells and that Liah will probably fill it up in no time.

The water was the perfect temperature.

We actually are taking some descent couple shots with the "Hold out the camera" method.

We then were on our way to the keys.

At lunchtime we saw a sign for a Chick-fil-a at the next exit. We got excited and got off the turnpike. We completely forgot it was Sunday so we had to settle for Subway.

The drive took a little longer than expected.

Ahhhh the moment I've been waiting for. The Atlantic on the left and the Gulf of the right.

We checked in and had about an hour before we were scheduled to swim with dolphins. I was really excited about this and also a little nervous.
It was so much fun!!! I'm so glad we chose The Dolphin Connection to do this at. They seemed to take care of the dolphins well and it was a lot of teaching on the ocean and the dolphins. We got to feed them fish, pet them, play football, and get splashed....numerous times.

We also got some Dolphin kisses.

This will definitely be on the list of things to do when the kids get older.

Then we headed to the Salt Water lagoon for a little swimming. Then we got cleaned up and Josh decided he wanted to go out to eat.

We had seen a commercial for the Crack Conch cafe and heard the rave reviews of the conch there. We had never had conch so we gave it a try. It was sooo good. After we got back to the hotel Josh looked up what a conch looks like alive. Let's just say I'm glad I ate first and researched later.

I'm not a Key Lime fan usually but my Aunt told me that I had to try REAL Key Lime pie. It tasted so much better. The texture of it still got to me a little but it was still really good.

Then we drove back to the hotel with the sun setting behind us.

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