Monday, July 6, 2009

Ludington is Summer

The cottage in Ludington is "summer" to me. I can remember going to the family cottage and now I love that my kids get the same memories.

This was where H spent most of her time. At the door watching B and L outside playing with their friends. This is H's difficult summer in that she's not big enough to do a lot yet but she's big enough to know that she is missing out. We have some great video of her calling for B to come get her. The older two usually had their swimsuits on and out exploring and playing before the rest of us had breakfast.

A little kayaking.

Um, I think Uncle B is using B as his own personal backrest.

H didn't catch much on our deck but she sure has been watching everyone else fish and definitely knows what she's suppose to do.

And it wouldn't be the cottage without bathing the smaller kids in "The Bucket". We have decided that the new cottage will have one bathtub for the kids. I told K that if she doesn't have kids before then I'm going to make her bathe them in "The Bucket" at least once so she can get the full being a mom in Ludington experience!

Ludington has the best playground with the best views.

I think everyone looks a little tired in this pic.

Going to the State Park is a daily occurrence. Here Aunt K and H are taking a cracker break.

The beach makes you hungry.

This is what the guys did a lot of the trip. We won't talk about what they caught......or didn't catch.

The day before it had rained which created this little mini lake.

H loved being able to get in the water without the waves splashing in her face.

L loved collecting seashells.

Yes the lake was like 60 degrees and yes my kids swam in it nearly every day. I was shivering just watching them.

On an exploration.

I think this is the only pic of all three kids I captured.

One wet and muddy baby.

H's ride back to the car. Getting ready to head to House of Flavors for ice cream. House of Flavors is another daily occurrence. We didn't get any pictures of us at House of Flavors but lets just say they know our family and leave it at that.

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