Monday, July 6, 2009

Ludington Childrens Museum

We were so excited to see that Ludington has a new Children's Museum. It wasn't the biggest but was still a fun outing on a rainy day.
H doing a little grocery shopping.
L's cart looked just like Mommy's usually does. A bunch of fruit and veggies and she even found a loaf of Challah bread!!!
Setting out for a sail.
The House of Flavors play area was a big hit with L. Considering we go to the real HOF quite a bit when we're in Ludington she knew the ropes of getting Aunt K her order.
"Baby Overboard!!!"

Aunt K got a little chilly so she warmed up by the fire while Uncle B was wondering where the S'more fixins were.
In the nature area they had this big bear to scare the kids. Uncle B was bigger than it.

L singing us a song to end our visit.

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