Monday, July 20, 2009

The Most Beautiful and the Most Ugly

So some people were kind of surprised that J and I picked the Keys, especially Key West for our anniversary trip. It took us forever to decide and I really thought we weren't going to go since every time we thought of a location and prayed about it there was a real unpeaceful feeling. I figured maybe He didn't want us to go on a trip right now. When the Keys came up though we were at peace that this was where we were suppose to go. We knew that Key West was known for being a HUGE party place and that is so not us. I had planned on just relaxing at the resort at night which is what we did. You didn't need to go out at night to feel the Spiritual junk that loomed over the island. It was obvious by what you saw during the day! People so desperate for the presence of God that at times I felt like crying. The Keys, including Key West, were some of the most beautiful places I had ever seen. God's creation was breathtaking. It was also some of the most Godless places I had ever been which made it dark and ugly at times. There were three things J and I were deciding between for this trip. A road trip, a cruise, and a missions trip. We drove down the coast of Florida and did all the activities we were going to do on the cruise so the only aspect that was missing was missions. I know God showed us a need in an area right here in the USA that is in such need of Him. While I have no idea what the future holds with all this revelation it's exciting to think what God, will do!!! Sometimes we forget that our own country needs missionaries too.

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