Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our Home: The Question

So as I look at this picture I do see what others see. What others think. What some come right out and ask and what others keep quietly to themselves. "Are you done?" And no they are not asking whether I'm done with lunch, done with the good book I am reading, or done with the chair they are wanting. No, they are asking if we are done having children. It's a question that I have many different responses to and many different attitudes about. Normally I am happy to answer that question. But there are days.......or I guess I should say people.....that I really don't want to answer for. Like the stewardess on the plane that asks as we file everyone to their seats and she acts as though we are bringing on ammunition. I smile and don't answer the question. Do you think she would want to hear that I'm not talking much because I'm praying that this flight goes well and that I don't get nauseous with morning sickness?

Prince Charming often jokes that something may be wrong with us. We can not begin to imagine having the last baby and not wanting just one more. The Bible says that children are a blessing and we want to be blessed I guess!!! The Lord has blessed us more than we could have ever imagined. I have been diagnosed with so many problems that should make it difficult or maybe even impossible to have children but that has never been the case. We have suffered the heartache of miscarriage but never because of any of these problems. We feel that it is a testimony to the Lords goodness that we are going on #5. So I will now put to rest the comments and questions we've heard in the last few months.

1. Do you know how that happens? This would be one of those questions I smile and don't answer because I think it's a ridiculous thing to ask so....{smile}

2. You are done right? If the Lord says we are done then we are done......but we sure hope not!

3. Are you trying to compete with the Duggars? Last I checked there was a pretty big difference between 5 and 19 but Prince Charming and I are very competitive bring on the challenge if that makes you feel better. {smile}

4. Are you going to buy a bus? Well we don't know. Right now we can still fit in our Odyssey but as far as traveling in it goes it is going to be a little tight. We've been looking for down the road and yes to the chagrin of Prince Charming we see a Sprinter van in our future. This weekend he is actually going and getting his sports car that he's been wanting to help ease the pain of being a bus driver. I'm pretty sure he'll make it through this crisis when it arrives....or should I say docks.

5. What do your kids think about baby #5? They are as excited as ever! B.W. is of course really hoping it's a boy. He loves all his sisters but still really wants a brother.

6. And our most favorite question and objection to having more than the "normal" amount of children.........How are you going to pay for all that college education?!?! Ummm, we probably won't pay for all of the college education. {Enter gasp here} Even if a child's parents can afford to pay for them to have a free ride we think children should work for their education. I'm not saying that we are cutting them off and they are on their own but we want our children to learn that education is a privilege and not an entitlement. We have quite a few years to sort this subject out and I know that when we come to that bridge the Lord will lead us over it in the right direction.

I personally think it's kind of funny that people act like we have a large family because I don't feel like we have a large family. Yes there are days when I feel like I need four hands but what mom doesn't. All I know is that if the Lord wants to bless we are all for it!!!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cuddlebug is 4!!!

The last week in March is always packed full with birthday celebrations for Prince Charming and Cuddlebug. This year was even crazier with Prince Charming and I leaving for California the day after Cuddlebug's birthday.
Despite the craziness Cuddlebug had a very fun day. It started with her breakfast choice of doughnuts and then she opened gifts.
She then got to be the only kid to get to come to the ultrasound to see the baby. A trip to the mall for a little clothes shopping was also included.

The night before we rented the roller rink and Cuddlebug had a ride in the big skate. This was something she wasn't sure about but when she was told that daddy could be the one to push her she jumped right in.
Skating with friends is always fun.
Skating with Daddy and friends is even better!
On the night of Cuddlebugs's birthday we took all the kids over to Grandma and Grandpa's to get settled in for the week that mommy and daddy would be gone and then we had cake. She went to Meijer and designed her cake herself. This girl knew what she wanted! Cuddlebug also wanted to go to Chuckee-Cheese but we just ran out of time. She was so understanding and agreed to go after we got back from California. Happy Birthday to our sweet and hilarious Cuddlebug!

Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm Not Complaining

So for weeks I've tried to get back to blogging. I feel like I go straight from fall to spring. And partly that's because we did! The winter was so mild and we really didn't have much snow or cold. Being a hot weather person I am definitely not complaining. I must admit though that I just feel like my body can't figure out this new Midwest climate. I'm sure pregnancy isn't helping. My daffodils were up be the middle of March. Right now we are enjoying the colorful tulips.

On March 18th we were out playing mini golf........... with no jackets on.

Yes, on March 20th we had our first Family Beach Night. This is absurd! We normally are ecstatic if it is warm enough to start these by the middle of May! It was beautiful and the kids couldn't get enough sun, sand, and waves. It has cooled down in the past few weeks but most days still seem warmer than usual. I'll take this nice weather! I suppose if this is the new Midwest winter I may be able to handle it.