Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Could This Be........

Could this be the last time we get to play in the snow this winter???
H wasn't too thrilled with being outside in the cold at first but then loved being pulled around on her sled.
She also loved watching and laughing at the older two fall off their tubes.

"Um, when are we going back to Florida???"

The kids soon realized that if you leaned too far you would tip the tube.

H quickly learned that if she leaned forward she would go faster when being pulled down hill.

B is learning how to snowboard.

He actually made it all the way down a couple of times without falling.

L also wanted to give it a try and she had great balance.

Give Me Some More of Them Organic Lollipops

There is an organics grain booth at Farmers Market that carries these organic lollipop's. They are made with honey and other natural sugars instead of the refined junk. They were a perfect Valentine's day treat. The great thing is they are only 10 cents a piece. I decided H could have just a couple of licks and I basically had to pry it out of her mouth. They are fabulous.

Sweet Moments of the Past Few Weeks

So we all have had a hard time getting back into schedule since our Florida Vacation. I think we are starting to get back on top of things. It's amazing how fast you can get out of schedule and how long it takes to get back on. I've caught a couple of sweet moments in the Ostrom household these last couple of weeks. I found Blake and Liah cuddling watching a movie in our bed. Now they aren't suppose to watch a movie or even go into our bedroom without permission but they were so cute.
When I was baking and cooking one day this is what I saw sliding by the dining room door. Blake was giving Princess Hannah a ride on her chariot.

I'm Not Giving Up and Book Review

So I have been trying to put together a slide show of our Disney trip to music and it's not as easy as I thought it would be. I'm hoping Josh will be able to help me in the next couple of days. He said it was more complicated than it should be. I'm not going to give up!!! I was wanting to post that before I did any other blogging but because I don't know when it will be done I will just post it when it is.

Now onto the Book Review..............

I've never been one who is into fiction as an adult. When I was younger I loved reading it but as an adult I just haven't. Some days I get only a couple of Bible verses read and I've always said,"I'm not going to be reading something else if I can't even get in good Bible reading time." Well I've heard about the book "Redeeming Love" for quite awhile from some different people and I finally decided to get it from the library. I made a 2009 book list and I wanted to try to include at least one fiction and this was the one. IT WAS AMAZING!!! This book gave the best picture of God's grace, mercy, love, obedience,.......I could go on and on. I will definitely buy this book down the road and read it again. It is a must read.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Under Construction

I'm updating things in the next couple of days so right now we are under construction.:)