Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fun in the Ocean: Day 3

So I'm thinking we need to get more pillows on our bed after sleeping in this bed with 9 total. I felt like I was sleeping in a big fluffy cloud.
So I thought I had fallen in love with the last hotel's shower until I saw the shower at the next hotel. J also loves this shower and was taking measurements.
We ate breakfast out on the balcony.
We found a snorkeling charter which was a lot of fun. It wasn't quite as good as snorkeling in Puerto Rico but was still amazing. We saw coral, lots of different kinds of fish, and some barracuda. We also saw these little jellyfish that we were told wouldn't sting but they still made me nervous and I was constantly dodging them.
Snorkeling completely wore me out. I think it was the diving down trying to get better pictures that really did me in.
Here is a lighthouse that was built during the Civil war. Amazing!!!
Then we headed to Key West. Here is 7 mile bridge. We went over this on our way.

After we checked in to the hotel we ordered pizza in and just relaxed. This is probably what we'll do most nights due to the night life here in Key West. Another post coming on that later. Then we walked on the beach outside to see the sunset.

When we were in Puerto Rico I fell in love with pelicans and we have seen quite a few here so far. I love how they sleep on poles like this.

We relaxed in a hammock for a little while. It was really relaxing.

The scenery here is so beautiful.

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