Friday, June 10, 2011

Our Newest Family Member

Gershom Doggin

We decided to adopt another puppy......because we are absolutely insane! He really is the cutest ball full of energy I have ever seen. Thankfully the energy is short lived and he does calm down after about 15 minutes of doing circles on the main level of the house. Gershom will be two on July 10th but he still acts very much like a puppy. Mosheh is tolerating him well although when the puppy energy comes out there is still growling going on.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sign of Summer: One Moulting Dog

This spring it has been SOOOOO nice to not be messing with Mosheh's disgusting ear like last spring!!! I know that some may think we are absolutely insane for spending that kind of money on a surgery for a pet.........but it was worth every penny!!! He is now much happier and definitely smells much better. Last spring when Mosheh started losing A TON of fur I thought it was due to the awful infection and all the antibiotics.
Nope. That was just normal spring shedding for him. Or as we say, "He's moulting." You can literally pull out handfuls of hair at a time. This week I've been spending 30 minutes a day pulling out fur in hopes that I can give him a bath soon without needing a plumber afterwards. Even though I have hairballs all over my house and I'm vacuuming at least twice a day.......I love him. And he knows it. Have you ever seen a 65lb dog think they are a lap dog? There is some upcoming news on the pet front in our house. Stay tuned..........

Preschool Training

"Mommy, can I help?" is heard in my kitchen pretty much every day. It is always followed by, "Can you please get my stool?". Cuddlebug absolutely loves to help in the kitchen. I've learned after many years of homeschooling that the kitchen is the best classroom for this age. Yes it gets messy at times. There have been many eggs dropped on the floor, much flour thrown around, and many spills but in the end it's always worth it. Cuddlebug's favorite is to make cookies. This kid is just like her daddy and LOVES to eat the cookie dough left in the mixing bowl. She has asked many times to make cookie dough and not bake it just so she could have some dough. All the other kids enjoy eating the dough as well and we now have a "rotation" of who gets to lick the beaters and who has to settle for a spoonful. It's a unanimous vote in our house that it always tastes better straight off a beater.

Here Cuddlebug is watching the rhubarb cobbler bake. Another favorite in our house. Everyone loves it....except for me. Those are my favorite desserts to make because I know that I won't have to spend extra time on the elliptical afterward!