Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Morning Recap

Let us recap this fine Tuesday morning in the O house.
  • spilled OJ all over the living room window seat.....and I will not even mention the fact that just last evening someone was in HUGE trouble for spilled fruit punch on same said window seat
  • Cereal trail from pantry all the way to the above mentioned window seat....apparently baby sister wanted to see if the suspect would share said juice
  • completely forgot the dog outside and also forgot to feed him.....pretty sure he'll survive
  • half a roll of toilet paper shoved in kids bathroom toilet
  • 2 year old who tried to shampoo her hair.......without water.....not in the bathtub.....in her pajamas
  • house that was completely spotless just one week ago is....well...not anymore
  • have done a little school but not nearly finished
Can I just go back to bed? Please!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Birthday Extravaganza

Since J and H's birthdays are only one day apart it always makes for a very busy couple of days. Add in Passover just two days later and it was absolutely chaotic! I think they both had great birthdays though. I didn't do very well with taking pictures because of the chaos.

J had his birthday off so while the older two kids and I went to co-op he kept H for some special "Birthday Buddy" time. They then met us for lunch and then we headed to the outlet mall for some shopping. We got home and 45 minutes later people showed up for a small party for J.
Here is the RX7 cake. I must say it turned out much better than last year. I guess having more than eight hours of notice that this was the desired cake helped a lot! After everyone left I wanted to crash.......but there was another cake to decorate and a play kitchen to assemble. I started on the cake while J started on the kitchen. I won by a long shot! That kitchen had a million pieces!!!

Thankfully the Elmo cake was just as easy. I think we finally got to bed at 1am.

The gift is all set......finally.

Even though I was tired, the two year old excitement made it all worth it.

Brother even wrote a special birthday song. It was about three lines and he used her name about ten times. It's the thought that counted. It was a fun and relaxing day. Now I know why I didn't take a ton of pictures. Just thinking back to this weekend makes me need a nap!!!