Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Celebrating God's Creation

This past weekend we decided to head out to the zoo after home church to celebrate God's Creation. We hadn't done too much for Rosh Hashana so this was a perfect activity.
The girls are all set to go. I never thought I would like dressing my kids alike but I do! I love it even more when they're similar but not identical. These dresses are made of the same material but are different styles.

I know this picture looks like I'm letting my baby stand by a very LOW rail while a hungry alligator waits for her at the bottom but I assure you there is plexi glass in front of her. H loved the zoo! This was her first visit where she was really into looking at all the animals and she could find them when we pointed.
I have no idea why we take a picture of the kids on this turtle EVERY time we go to the zoo.....multiple times every summer.
After the zoo we let the kids go play on the new playground. We now have a new favorite playground!!!
The kids loved all the climbing......

and spinning!!! I love this picture of B.

So in the previous post I mentioned I was not keeping up with blogging. H IS WALKING!!! Her lower body is getting stronger by the day. She is also trying to run. See the huge bruise on her forehead? That is the product of an attempt at running and falling into a dining room chair.

It was a great day to be outdoors. After the zoo we had Sunday lunch and then we went disc golfing. I feel as though our nice outdoor weekends are numbered before the nasty white stuff starts falling. But we won't talk about that.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ten Feet Ahead and Going Back in Time

So we are in our sixth week of school already and I don't know how. The last six weeks have been super busy and super fun. We've started a new school year, gone to the cottage, went to class reunions, had family visit, and have squeezed in a ton of fun family nights. A couple of weeks ago I felt like I was trying to tread water and barely staying afloat. In the last week I've started doing Flylady again. I tried doing this a while ago when we had only one child and we lived in a small apartment. In that season of life it seemed unnecessary to me since I could clean the whole apartment in no time. Fast forward to three kids, one big house, and homeschooling.... Let's just say I completely think this is necessary now!!! It has relieved some stress and instead of feeling like I'm barely staying afloat I now feel as though I'm about ten feet ahead of a shark chasing me. Hey, I'm ahead!!! However, if I take a moment to rest I will be done for! I also know that if I keep going that ten feet will turn into fifteen and then twenty. I feel as though I'm "behind" on blogging too. So I've decided to start fresh today and then I'll catch up over the next couple of weeks. I blog because I was getting so far behind in scrapbooking and now look, I'm behind in blogging! Oh, did I also mention I'm crazy! Today we went on a field trip to Pioneer Land. That doesn't sound so crazy does it? Did I forget to mention that it was freezing and rainy and I was babysitting cute little O which meant I had TWO babies in tow. Thankfully all those homeschooling mommies love holding babies!
Here is H smiling. She looks so obedient doesn't she? I didn't get a picture of her going crazy because she can't stand the cold. I was holding two babies and didn't have a free hand!
B loved this field trip. The blacksmith was so cool to watch. Since Little House on the Prairie is the kids favorite show(and one of the only one's they watch) it made everything even more interesting. L enjoyed it too but she is just like her mommy and when she gets cold she gets tired immediately.
After two of the demonstrations the girls were done. I was so thankful that one of the other moms said she would keep an eye on B in the other two demonstrations while another friend said she could bring him home. L was sad she had to miss the rest of the fun but a special treat from McDonald's did the trick. The heat in the van helped change her mind too.
This picture of little O sums up all the girls feelings about coming back to a warm house earlier than we were suppose to. Another fun day of learning!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Allergies, Allergies Go Away

The kids watching guys taking trees down in the front yard. We had a ton of yard work done one day and the guys working always had at least one little set of eyes watching them where ever they went.
The last couple of weeks everyone has been feeling a little down due to seasonal allergies. Today L gets to lay on the couch all day since she isn't feeling well at all. A couple of weeks ago it was B who got to lounge all day. It's this time of season that I'm even more thankful to school the kids at home. No one knows my kids and how they're feeling better than me and so some days during this season we cuddle up and read and learn in our pajamas.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sums It Up

This picture sums up my day. Laundry, Laundry, and a little more Laundry.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day of Activities

When we were at the cottage we had so much fun. On Tuesday we did morning school and then headed out to have some fun. I wasn't sure how things would go taking 3 kids to the "go-cart" place all by myself.
I was so proud of L for driving a go cart by herself again. Earlier in the summer she had bumped into another car and it had scared her a little bit but as always she tries, tries, tries again.
B was all into racing L.
L on the other hand was not into racing and was lapped a couple of times. I was talking with the guy running the go-carts and he commented on L being so cautious. I told him that she was our cautious driver while B was our crazy driver. As soon as I said that B clipped the back of L's cart as he was passing her. My point proven.
We also played mini golf. It went fairly well but next time I won't try to play too and just focus on helping the kids. I ended up skipping most holes since H had a death grip on my golf ball. It kept her quiet so I didn't push the matter.

Then it was off to lunch at House of Flavors. The kids were great and H was very independent with her ice cream.

We then walked out to the lighthouse before heading back to the cottage.

Later we headed to the State Park and did afternoon school on the beach and relaxed. Then it was home for dinner and of course baths. The kids were exhausted. Mommy was too!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Homeschooling with a Toddler

H working on her Old Testament thesis that's due at the end of the semester.
I'm getting ready for another week and while I'm looking forward to it I really hope H fits a little better into the school schedule. Homeschooling with her toddling around has definitely thrown me for a loop. H is SUCH a content child but she is also becoming a very independent child. I just figured that she would play while we did school and she would join in for the parts that might appeal to her. Well.....H has decided that she is ready to sit at the big table and do school....NOW! In the next two weeks it's my goal to get the "School Box" made up of age appropriate activities for her.
Here are some of the things I plan to put in it:
  • Some $1 workbooks I found at Target. I think she will love these considering she is constantly trying to write in B and L's math books.
  • Lacing Cards
  • Counting Bears or Animals
  • I'm going to rotate 1-2 puzzles from the puzzle bin that she can master.
  • I'm also thinking about rotating out electronic learning games as long as she doesn't distract the other kids.
  • coloring books

I'm still coming up with a couple more ideas. Hopefully H will love her special "School Box" and it will help keep the distractions down. When she gets bored with the box she can work on the above mentioned Old Testament Thesis.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hanging On with All Our Might

I am not ready for summer to be over and I've been hanging on to it with all my might. Last week the kids and I went up to the cottage for the last trip of the summer. We did school on the beach, ate way to much ice cream, took baths every night to get all the sand off, and went on adventurous hikes. But now the signs of fall are here. Leaves are staring to turn colors, mums are being planted, and H was the first to get the chronic runny nose due to allergies. So I'm looking for all those things that I love about fall and not think about how cold and short this summer felt. But if there is a nice hot day you can guarantee you will find us at the beach.