Sunday, October 23, 2011

Balloon Time

Sign of Fall: Leaves, Leaves, and a Few More Leaves

Celebrating Tabernacles

We decided to head down to Brown County and camp to celebrate Tabernacles.
We brought the dogs along with us and they loved it and we loved having them with us. It made us want to get the RV even more. Our dogs are a part of the family so we love when they can join us on vacation and with an RV they could always come along.
Cuddlebug couldn't wait to drink hot cocoa.....or hot cocu as she calls it.
Lovebird was trying to call the nearest five star hotel after she stole daddy's phone.
"I don't know why they don't trust me when they get the food out for meals?"
Daddy and the older two climbed to the top of the watch tower.
Cuddlebug chose to keep her feet on the ground. She's not real fond of heights.
We enjoyed the absolutely beautiful weather and loved being outdoors.

For some reason napping in a tent causes awful bed head.
While we took down the tent and cleaned up Cuddlebug found some pretty flowers to pick.

It was a fabulous time.

Almost 1!

In another month we will be celebrating a first birthday.
And I'm not ready for it! Just like I'm not ready for little Lovebird to be crawling all over the place like she is.
But I can't wait for the birthday and I know that this one is not going to disappoint us in the cake smashing.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Seasons Changing

Fall is here.

And it's beautiful.
Note: We were trying to figure out how tall this tree is so you will notice Curly Bear standing at the bottom of it with a tape measure. It's 82 Feet!!! That is one big tree!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week of the Cousins

The kids had been counting down the days until the cousins were to come and stay with us for a whole week.
Our house was a tad louder than usual.
Dinner time was a tad crazier and messier than normal.

But more fun was had than usual!!!!
Preschool science experiments took over the kitchen.
Does it sink or does it float?
Trying to make a run for it. It rained every day so the kids were wanting to go play outside soooo bad.
Much coloring happened. Cuddlebug loved having some other kids join in her school activities.
The Wanderer.
Everyone had a great time and we can't wait to have them come back for the holidays!

Your Word

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path" Psalm 119:105

Missing our Pool Days

Oh how I miss our daily trips to the pool. Just looking back at these pictures I can feel the afternoon heat of summer!
Actually, the day these pictures were taken it was freezing! Lovebird was protesting a tad about being put in for the mere photo op.
Then there is Curly Bear and B.W. who could really care less about the temperatures and will take any chance to be in the water.
Cuddlebug spent much of her summer sitting on these stairs. This was most definitely her favorite spot.
And why did Cuddlebug and Lovebird like going to the pool? Snack Time of course! We wouldn't be there for more than five minutes and Cuddlebug would be asking if it was almost time for the whistle to blow so she could have a snack. Our last trip Daddy let the kids pick out a treat from the vending machines. Lovebird didn't think it was fair she didn't get any Skittles so she just sat and begged. It worked. Thankfully we caught the fact that Cuddlebug had sneaked her one. We then had a nice conversation about choking hazards. We are already looking forward to next Spring when the pool opens back up.

Girls Night: Tennis

So the girls decided to head out for some Girls Only tennis.
This one will be some stiff competition one day!

Catch Up: {Summer Fun List: Cedar Point}

At the end of the summer we made a last minute trip to Cedar Point so we could mark that off of our Summer Fun List. Most kids were back in school so the park wasn't too crowded.
While Daddy took the older two on one of the big roller coasters I took the little ones to a show. Cuddlebug absolutely loved it and I'm pretty sure we could of just stayed here all day and she would have been totally content.
There were hardly any kids there so Cuddlebug got all the characters pretty much to herself for the "Dance Party". She thought this was just the best thing ever. She absolutely loves characters and when at Disney your time is always so limited with them.

We finally joined back up and it was time for the Jr. Gemini. Always the first Cedar Point coaster that each kid rides to break them in.
Curly Bear is in the very front while Cuddlebug and Daddy are a little farther back. Everyone loved it.
There are the older two. I feel like most of the pictures are of the little ones since I was with them with the camera most of the day while Daddy had the older ones on the bigger rides.
Here is B.W. walking back after riding the big swings. He probably didn't need to take his tennis shoes off......but you can never be too careful I suppose.
Lovebird finally gets to get in on the ride action. This is seriously one of the only rides she was allowed to ride. She loved it!
B.W. was a great big brother and rode with Cuddlebug so Daddy could take pictures.
And then Curly Bear took up the rear in the caboose. It was a fun and relaxing day. By the end the big kids had rode the Gemini, the Iron Dragon, the Coal Mine ride, and the Blue Streak. They also rode the Woodstock Express along with Mommy and Cuddlebug. By next summer I bet some even bigger coasters will be added to the list.

Derby Worthy

I think we need to head to Kentucky because this hat is most definitely Derby worthy. Don't you think so?

So Many Words

There are so many words that can describe Curly Bear.

Caring. Kind. Giggly. Determined.

Spunky. Mischievous. No Fear.

Sweet. Loving. Cuddly.

Thoughtful. Passionate. Curious.

Beautiful. Tender Hearted. Sensitive.
The things Prince Charming and I love about this girl are too many to mention.