Monday, July 6, 2009

L is 5!!!

I can't believe that L is 5! Five is always a hard birthday for me. It's when they are definitely moving up into that big kid status.
L picked powdered donuts for breakfast. I wish I had her hair! My hair never looks like this right out of bed!!!
It was off to Chuckee Cheese for lunch. Daddy met us there.
She wanted to start painting the inside of her dollhouse she had gotten for Christmas.
Then it was off to Uncle G's house for some swimming, grilling, and cake.
All of a sudden she is really into Hannah Montana. Now she had only seen this show once while we were in Disney but somehow she knew this is what "Big" girls like. Daddy was a little nervous when he was sent out on gift patrol but I think he did an awesome job picking out Hannah Montana kneepads and elbowpads to go with her new bike that she picked out the next day.

It was a great and fun day. We have decided that instead of the big parties we used to throw this is much better. I love that I get to spend the day just with the birthday star and not spending all my time getting ready for a party.
Happy Birthday L!!! Don't grow up too fast!!!

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