Monday, February 11, 2013

Holiday Recap

Here is the condensed Holiday recap.
We cut our first ever real, live tree.  This was a pretty big deal since I think I had daily second thoughts on this leading right up to the moment we pulled into the tree farm.  I was picturing us completely forgetting to water the thing and us having a Charlie Brown tree by the big morning.  It was fine and we did remember. 
The girls waited patiently.

Cuddlebug wanted her picture taken with the BIG horses.

While Lovebird was more than happy to look at them from a distance. we went thinking that someone would help us tie it to the roof.  I guess we completely forgot that we live in the great Midwest where men are expected to know how to tie a tree to their roof.   Prince Charming did a fabulous job but there was much talking and laughing about what we would do if it flew off on the way home.

We had our windows painted as always.
We celebrated Hanukkah and made chocolate dreidels one of the nights.
We decorated......

...and decorated...
...and decorated...
...and decorated...
...and decorated some more.
We made cookies.
We sang.
We had a great Christmas Eve.
We were super ahead of the game and didn't have to wrap a single gift the night before!

It was a great and glorious Holiday season celebrating our Savior's birth!!!

B.W. is the big 12

 B.W. celebrated his last birthday before becoming a teenager.  I don't want to think about it.
 He chose a banana nut cake with no theme.  I guess 12 was too old for a theme.
His best buddies came over to spend the day with him.  That's another great thing about homeschooling.  Your birthday is treated like a National holiday and your best friends, who are also homeschooled, observe it as well!  He said it was an awesome day!

3 Months

First Invite

Ladybug had her first invite to tea time.

Cousinly Love

So considering that the planning for this picture went something like, "Hey lets put all the kids on the couch and take a picture!", I think it turned out rather well.  Considering that 9 out of the 11 kids are the ages of 5 and's pretty much as perfect as you're going to get.

The Big 2 Celebration

 Lovebird spent her birthday morning going to the library with Mommy......all by herself.
She also went to Uptown Kitchen for breakfast with Daddy.......all by herself.  Getting to ride in the "fun" car the whole day was an added bonus.  It was a tad cold for the top to be down but she still loved it.
That evening it was time for the Sesame Street party.  Now when I say party I mean her brother and sisters and a small handful of other family members.
The Cookie Monster fruit tray.
The Big Bird fruit tray.  (If I ever do this again I would use a banana for his nose.)
The Oscar the Grouch veggie tray.
The Elmo veggie tray.
She was so excited for her Elmo cake and had talked about it for weeks leading up to the day.  This was suppose to be an "easy" cake since I had made one a few years prior.  There was nothing easy about it but in the end all was well.
"Hmmmm.....a tad more in tune than last year........but still not all that impressed."
Blowing out the candles.
Gift opening.
Game time.

Even Aunt K took a turn.
It was a wonderful, relaxing day that focused on Lovebird.  Exactly what we strive for on our kids birthdays.

Lovebird is 2!!!!!!!