Monday, July 20, 2009

More of Key West: Day 5

So day 5 started out a little rough. I'm not going to tell the whole story as I don't want to embarrass J. Let's just say that the moped idea was not a good one and leave it at that.
We walked into town again to finish up our Key West sight seeing. I really want to live in a place where you can find coconuts with straws stuck in them for your drinking pleasure. I think this a great idea for kids. No spills!!!

We saw the Southernmost point of the continental USA. Cuba is only 90 miles away.

Here is Hemingway's house.

We made it to Mile 0!!!

Are we getting good at taking our own pictures or what?!?!

J loved these signs at the drains that let people know it went straight to the ocean.

The Little White House. Truman spent a lot of time here fishing. Other presidents also liked vacationing here. J and I found the coolest Republican coffee mugs here.

After we got back we swam for a few minutes but then we headed to the hammock. This was the most relaxing thing ever. This might be better than a massage.

Seriously, could it get any more beautiful!!!

Look at this guy and his dog out for a sunset sail.

The cat also enjoyed the sunset.

Along with the birds.

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