Friday, July 24, 2009

Traveling the World: Final Day

So on our last day of vacation we decided to travel the World.
First stop, Mexican street market.
Then we headed to Norway to see some vikings.

Hmmm, I don't think this look works well for me.

Then it was off to China.

This will help in the heat.

Germany was lovely.

We also enjoyed a bratwurst.

Along with the peach oolong iced tea we brought with us from China. This is my new addiction!

Italy was beautiful.

We walked through the gardens in Japan.

He looks a little touristy doesn't he?

Strolling through Morocco was full of culture.
Now I do think the Fez works for J.

We sat for a minute and rested in France.

We also watched some street performers

I made a phone call from the United Kingdom.

"Officer what seems to be the problem?"

And we ended our trip by a waterfall in Canada.
So we didn't actually go around the World but we did go around the lagoon at Epcot. This is something we never get to do with the kids. We go to some of the shows but never through every little shop. It was so much fun and I'm so glad we had a chance without kids to do this part of Epcot.

We then found this spot where you can try different types of soda from all over the world. This has definitely been added to our Disney list for next time. Did I mention this was FREE? We always take note of free things at Disney!!!

We then headed back to Downtown Disney to finish up some souvenir shopping and to have dinner at Earl of Sandwich. Anyone who knows J knows that he is COMPLETELY addicted! I must admit that I've become quite addicted as well.

We then headed back to Epcot to watch the Illuminations show. Before the show we went and got some cute Disney Anniversary pins and a funnel cake. Oh and TWO more of my peach iced teas. I said I was addicted! After the show we did a little more shopping and then walked the Boardwalk back to the hotel.

The next morning we were up before the sun and on our way back to the airport. Even though I couldn't wait to see the kids I was really sad that the vacation was over. It was so much fun to have a whole week with no kids. When we were getting off the plane J looked at me and said,"See you in 10 years." This made me laugh so hard. Now it's not that we don't go on date nights but there was something totally different about having a WHOLE week just the two of us. We had the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. We can't wait to go on an anniversary trip 10 years. Maybe we won't have to wait that long!!!

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