Monday, July 6, 2009

Family of 6

No this isn't a baby announcement!!! We did add a new member to the O family though. When we were in Ludington a dog swam up out of the Lake and the kids fell in love with him. Well I guess J fell in love with him too since after the dog was taken to the shelter he pulled me aside and said that if no one claimed him maybe we should adopt him. At first I wasn't so sure but the idea grew on me. So later that week I was driving back to Ludington to pick the dog up. We named him Mosheh which is Moses in Hebrew which means "saved from the water". B wanted to name him Moses since he came up out of the water and then decided Mosheh sounded more dog-like. He has been a great dog and very obedient. He is very protective of the kids and loves belly scratches. Besides the hefty vet bills in the beginning things have gone so smoothly that I now can't imagine our family without him.
Could you really say no to this face anyway?

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