Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beginning and the End:Day 6

We woke up on Thursday morning and had to say goodbye to the Casa Marina,

our cool, very modern hotel room,

and the hardest thing to say goodbye to, the beach.

Heading out of the Key's. On our way to Orlando we stopped in Miami to see the Holocaust Memorial. You can read about that in the post above.

I don't care how many times we visit Walt Disney World this is always an exciting moment. Yes we are addicted to vacationing in Disney. This was a little sad since it made me miss the kids even more. If anybody ever needs help planning a Disney trip on a budget or how to actually have fun when taking small kids and avoiding melt downs let me know. We have become quite proficient at it.

We stayed at the Dolphin since we would never stay here with kids. It was nice but I think we liked the Coronado better.

J and I getting ready to head out for some dinner, shopping, and whatever else we want. We're getting a knack for this traveling with no kids!

J at Rainforest. Look how cute he is with his nice tan and sunglasses. I'm pretty sure we need to move here.

Waiting for some food!!!

So our family tradition at Rainforest is to get a volcano for dessert but I actually have become addicted to this dessert. Dark chocolate is my best friend after all!!! We then did a little shopping and I was missing the kids terribly. We were going to go check out the Boardwalk but we were too tired so instead we went to bed.

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