Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Instilling a Sense of Adventure

Oh I'm missing our weekly beach nights! It's always hard to find fun activities to do through the winter for Family Night. What can I say, we're beach bums all the way!!! So our last beach night was quite an adventure. We had heard of a beach where we could take Mosheh with us. It took us FOREVER to find it but it was worth it. We thought we found it only to climb up this STEEP sand dune and find woods on the other side. We were looking for the lake!

I wish I could have snapped a picture of J and Mosheh running down the dune. I was laughing too hard. Sand was flying everywhere.

We drove around a little more and we found it. Just to see a beautiful sunset. I think this was one of the prettiest Lake Michigan beaches I've seen.

Yes we have become those people who like to take their dog with them places. If he's with us he can't be getting on the couch at home. That's another post.

The waves were huge! We let the kids go in up to their ankles.

It was REALLY cold but that never stops the kids on beach day.

Mosheh worked on his tan.
I hope our kids are liking when we go on adventures. Any time we are lost or going to do something new we call it an "Adventure". I hope my kids will learn that God takes us on "Adventures" in life and how we respond to them is up to us. L is always up for an adventure(as long as she's rested). B loves our adventures too but he sometimes has reservations when it pushes him out of his comfort zone. He likes to feel in control. I have no idea where he gets that from!

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