Saturday, October 10, 2009

Instilling a Love of Nature Pt1.

So I am not an all out nature lover. I love to be out in nature but I have my limit. I will go camping for a day or two but I then need a nice, warm bed. I don't look at camping as a vacation. Beach is vacation!!! My kids love being outside but they too do not like bugs and other creepy, crawly things. I'm trying to get past my own fears so I don't pass them on to my children so they can enjoy God's creation around them.

B and L climbing up the sky-trail stairs. These stairs pretty much did me in considering I was carrying H in the carrier. This is the best workout!

Checking out the dam.

H loved looking into the river at the fishies.

The kids were so excited to find this Mama and baby sunning on a rock. There were two more babies not to far away.
See I like long as it's not touching me!

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