Monday, October 26, 2009

New Wheels

I love sunny, beautiful fall days. Unfortunately this fall hasn't produced as many of them as I would like. Anytime the sun peeks out from behind the clouds though you will find us outside. The kids have been enjoying their new wheels.
This summer L mastered a two wheeler. You can now find her zipping around the circle while giving mommy a heart attack. She taught herself in one day and fell countless times but you know L. She is as strong willed as they come and would not give up.
B has been learning how to skateboard.
H loves hanging out in the wagon.
Even little O joined in on the fun when she was with us and enjoyed hanging out in a stroller.
Now I'm sure daddy would love to join in the fun of having new wheels but the kind of new wheels he's looking at cost a tad bit more. Does anyone else agree that a sports car is not an ideal set of wheels when you have three kids and who knows how many more to come? J says it can be our date night car. Fun...yes! Practical.....hmmm?

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