Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Celebrating Megan's Life

Praying for Megan
The kids and I just got back from the service to celebrate Megan's life. It was beautiful, meaningful, sad and joyous all at the same time. Megan touched many lives and I'm sure the people present both last night and today is only a small fraction of that group. God was most definitely glorified through all of this and His name was lifted up. I know that Megan will continue to touch lives through her family's strength and confidence that she is now with the Lord and they will one day see each other again.
I'm praying that the next week will be healing for Ken, Lori, and Monica as they get away together. I know that there will be definite times of grieving but I pray for times of laughter, fun, and relaxing as well. We will continue to lift them up in prayers during this difficult transition.
Thankfully a friend offered to watch the kids in one of the nursery rooms. I gave B the option of coming in with me but after days of prayer and thinking about it he decided he would rather not. We talked a lot about it and I respected his reasons for staying with the girls. J unfortunately is still out of town but he REALLY wanted to come home and almost jumped on a plane at 1am to be back in time.

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  1. thanks for the update kristine, i desperately wanted to be there but had already commited to going on a field trip with alex. i saw lori and talked with her last night at the funeral home, i keep saying her strength amazes me. i too will be praying for them as they get away for a little while. they need this time to heal