Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Celebrating God's Creation

This past weekend we decided to head out to the zoo after home church to celebrate God's Creation. We hadn't done too much for Rosh Hashana so this was a perfect activity.
The girls are all set to go. I never thought I would like dressing my kids alike but I do! I love it even more when they're similar but not identical. These dresses are made of the same material but are different styles.

I know this picture looks like I'm letting my baby stand by a very LOW rail while a hungry alligator waits for her at the bottom but I assure you there is plexi glass in front of her. H loved the zoo! This was her first visit where she was really into looking at all the animals and she could find them when we pointed.
I have no idea why we take a picture of the kids on this turtle EVERY time we go to the zoo.....multiple times every summer.
After the zoo we let the kids go play on the new playground. We now have a new favorite playground!!!
The kids loved all the climbing......

and spinning!!! I love this picture of B.

So in the previous post I mentioned I was not keeping up with blogging. H IS WALKING!!! Her lower body is getting stronger by the day. She is also trying to run. See the huge bruise on her forehead? That is the product of an attempt at running and falling into a dining room chair.

It was a great day to be outdoors. After the zoo we had Sunday lunch and then we went disc golfing. I feel as though our nice outdoor weekends are numbered before the nasty white stuff starts falling. But we won't talk about that.

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  1. We also love that new park, and it is great little toddlers. I dress my boys alike on alot of occasions, I cant help myself:)