Thursday, October 8, 2009

See Ya Later

Have I mentioned how much I love our homeschool co-op? I LOVE IT!!! The kids have learned so much and have made some great friends. B and L's best friends were actually siblings which was great. Unfortunately they moved to Fort Wayne a couple of weeks ago. Their mom is also pregnant with twins so for the next couple of months they have Dr's orders to stay in their house to avoid sickness. We met at a McDonald's so the kids could play one more time before they moved and go on "House Arrest".
B and M are two great boys who can relate to having little sisters to protect.

L and R were inseparable at co-op. In fact, R was how I would get L to go into her class. They could normally be found holding hands and telling secrets in the halls. They were precious!

Here's a picture with a couple more of M and R's siblings. Oh there are 4 more older ones not in the picture not including the upcoming twins. We love this family and will stay in touch through email and get together when we can. B and L were sad to say good bye but I told them we would see them again. So it was more like "See ya later!".

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  1. Seeing friends move away is so difficult for little ones. I'm glad you will be able to stay in touch with this family. I'm sure B and L are also.