Wednesday, October 21, 2009

18 Months!!!

I really can't believe H is 18 months already!!! I wasn't planning on posting this today but after the H day I've had it seemed appropriate. She is still a laid back child but she has MOST definitely found her opinion and will. Today we started out with her first Mommy and Me gymnastics class. She was very excited as we were getting ready to go. This is after all at the same place where big sister goes. It is basically just an open gym for this age. She did well and took all of her surroundings in like she always does. I'm wondering if she will be one of those photographic memory kind of people. Even the teacher was laughing at how she would look at every single person and object so intently. She loved the big slide and walking down the long tumble trampoline. She even tried a couple of small jumps on it. I think she is catching up more and more every day. When you see the other kids her age in the class you can tell she has a little more catching up to do but I'm sure by the time she turns 2 she'll do it. There are some areas though that she is extremely advanced and that is also very obvious. Oh and did I mention she is talking up a storm and very expressive. Today I'm pretty sure I heard her calling "Mommy!" about a thousand times and that is not an exaggeration. (Please note the exclamation point on the end as that is very critical.) She also did a couple of laps around the cul-de-sac with me and was very concerned that the leaves were falling off the trees. She loved trying to catch leaves as they were falling with B and L. J and I comment each day at how funny she is. We aren't sure if she is our funniest child or if it's because she has older ones to imitate which is hysterical. When she decided she didn't like her pulled beef sandwich for dinner tonight she fed part of it to the dog. Did I mention that Mosheh becomes more fond of H by the day? Then for the ultimate "my baby is not a baby anymore but is now a toddler" sign. H threw her first all out temper tantrum!!! After her bath......and after I wrestled her into her pajamas......after I finally caught her running around upstairs naked it happened. I'm still not quite sure what she was so upset about. Perhaps it was the fact I put an end to the streaking party. She was screaming and throwing herself down for a good ten minutes. I held her in my lap and told her she was not going anywhere until she calmed down. Finally after ten minutes with no sign of self-control and calming down I called J up and he held her. H calmed down within two minutes and we talked about how we don't behave that way and then she was off to say goodnight to brother and sister like nothing happened. Ahh the joys of toddler training and discipline.

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