Sunday, October 11, 2009

Instilling a Love for Nature Pt.2

One of the favorite activities to do at the cottage is to go fishing. Now normally this is a daddy activity. I don't mind fishing but I do not, can not , and will not put worms on hooks or take fish off of hooks. Before we left daddy gave B a quick review of the proper fishing procedures. Even though I knew B knew what to do I wasn't convinced he would be able to do everything all by himself. So I'm ashamed to say that while the kids fished I was praying that they wouldn't catch anything.

While the kids fished I read them some science and history.

B was all ready. They didn't catch anything..whew..but it was a relaxing way to spend an hour.

And this is what happens when you forget to hold on to your pole when casting out. Thankfully big brother went in the lake to retrieve it. Um...or maybe I should say L got her pole back after B said it was too cold but mommy lowered him down anyway because it was COLD and there was no way she was getting in and then she didn't pull him back out until the pole was retrieved. B is such a good sport.

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