Thursday, March 6, 2008

Picasso in the making.....and other projects

Today we learned about Picasso. Our project was to make a "Picasso-like" face. We looked at quite a few of Picasso's originals and then some examples of ones that kids had recreated. Blake was all set to go and actually did the whole project in one sitting where I had planned on finishing this up next week. Art is definitely something that Blake loves and it puts him in such a good mood. Blake used oil pastels for the first time and he really enjoyed them. I had been warned that these could get very messy but was surprised at the mess free table. Yeah for Crayola!
Here is Blake's finished masterpiece.

Here are two history projects that we've done over the last couple of weeks. Last week we finished up our study of Knights and Castles. The left pic is our family Coat of Arms that Blake designed. He said he put the cross in the middle so people would know that our family follows the Lord. This week we just started studying the Vikings. The right pic is a drawing of a longship. Blake is definitely developing a love for History and just a love for wanting to find things out and have his questions answered.

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  1. He is so amazing. Wow! SO, you've been tagged. Look to my blog (and the bottom of the REALLY LONG ENTRY) to find out what this entails. Love you. Danielle