Monday, March 31, 2008

Big ? #1----The Birth

The big two questions from everyone has been about the birth and how we FINALLY decided on a name. So here is the answer to #1: (This is a long post just to warn you. I want to make sure I write this down for my personal journal before I forget anything.:)

I had a Dr.'s appt at 10am and I found out I was 4cm. My Dr. was leaving for vacation and wouldn't be back until April 7. I started to panic a little. As many know I absolutely love my Dr. but the one who would back up for her, well not so much. I was sent home with the instructions that she would see me when she got back and that I will still be pregnant. On the way home I was praying that I wouldn't have the baby before April 7. I decided the first thing I was going to do is send out an email to the girls I have prayer night with and have the prayers start. Prayer night was actually scheduled for Wednesday and then I would be seeing them again on Friday so the plan was to pray this one through.:) As I felt all panic go away I realized that the normal contractions I had been having were a little stronger. I dismissed the thought that I could be going into labor. Three minutes later I had another one. I just freaking out or could I really be going into labor. I got home and told Josh I wanted him to hang around for another half an hour. I think he was a little skeptical since he knew I was panicked about my Dr. going out of town. He was a very nice husband and stayed. After twenty minutes I realized I was having contractions every 2-3 min. I called the office back and was told to come in at 1pm if things continued. I then started calling people to make arrangements for the kids. To be honest I still wasn't convinced I would be having a baby that day and figured I would be sent back home. I finally got a hold of Wendy and she said she could take the kids. I started to get that same panicky, shaky feeling I did with Liah as I was packing bags for the kids and myself just in case. Blake started to notice I was panicking a little and started getting a little scared which then caused Liah to as well. I told Josh to take the kids. I knew Josh's mom was on her way and I wouldn't be alone for long. I still was not in pain really just a little panicky. Once Josh got back we headed to the office. We arrived at 1:30pm. I was checked again. I was 7 cm! I had a quick ultrasound to double check that the head was down and then was taken over to the hospital. I had a great nurse who started the whole admission process. I had to have antibiotics since my group B strep test was done at that mornings appt. and the results weren't back. I was asking her questions about this and was told it was 2 doses at 4 hours apart. I asked her if she knew I was at 7cm already. She looked at me and said, "You're at 7. You don't act like you're in pain at all. We have to start moving." The pic below was taken about this time.

For the next couple of hours contractions still continued a little stronger but nothing that bad. I remember at one point I said I wish things would just start hurting so I could get things done. Josh's mom and my nurse started laughing. They both agreed that normally at 7 cm you shouldn't be asking for more pain. My Dr. came at 5pm and could finally break my water since the baby had dropped. The water was broken and things started. It took about 45 minutes for the pain to really get unbearable. At about 6 I had the nurse check me. I was at 9cm(I think. Everything past this point is a little blurry.) The next contraction I had this unbearable pain in my back and continued to have it. I dismissed it as just back labor. At 6:25 I asked to be checked again and I was 10cm and she called my Dr. Now the time from being checked and when my Dr walked through the door seemed like eternity but in reality it was 10 minutes at the most probably less. I tried to start pushing but my back was killing me in the position I was in. My legs were also now starting to kill me. I remember freaking out at this point because I felt like I didn't want to be in this position but I also knew that there was no way I could move. I remember saying "I can't do this." but I felt like no one was understanding that it was about my back and the position I was in and not about actually pushing the baby out. I remember looking at Josh and he had that helpless look on his face and then I looked over at Josh's mom and she had the same look. I finally remember just thinking that I couldn't communicate what was going on and I was just going to make things happen quick. In about 2-3 pushes Hannah was out. Even after the baby was out my back was killing me. We think maybe I pulled a muscle and I'm pretty sure it happened that first time I had the nurse check me. So I was really only in pain for about an hour and feel so blessed to have fast labors. When I hear some of my friends talk about their long labors I can't imagine. I actually did get that second dose of antibiotics. The last drop went in not more than 5 minutes before she was born.

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