Monday, March 10, 2008

Last big girls night out---just the two of us

Since we think this baby is a girl I really wanted to do something really special for Liah's last girl night before the baby. "My Little Pony Live" came to the Morris at the perfect time. I kept this a huge surprise and she didn't find out where we were going until we were walking up to the Morris and she saw the sign. Thankfully Blake kept the secret as well. All day it was killing him to not tell Liah because he knew she would love it.
Here is Liah waiting for the show to start holding her flag that she picked out as a souvenir. She was so good and had a great time. She sat on my lap the whole time completely amazed. The whole story line was based around the biggest tea party ever which one of Liah's favorite things to do is have a tea party.
This was Liahs favorite pony.

Josh and Blake had a great Boys Night In playing video games. On the way back from the show we stopped by Dairy Queen to get a treat for everyone and Liah got to tell the boys all about the show while eating her hot fudge sundae. It was a great memory.

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