Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our Shabbat Visitors

As I was just finishing preparing our Shabbat meal last night I looked out the kitchen window and saw 8 deer eating our sad looking bushes in the backyard. Did I mention that our bushes are sad looking because they have been known to be a favorite snack for the deer last winter? The kids were so excited. This was the first time we've seen deer in our backyard this whole winter. You can't see but in this pic there is actually a deer that is only about 3 feet from the window looking back at the kids. You can tell that people have been feeding them since they don't seem to be scared of people at all. Some of our neighbors think the deer are a bother but we love them and look forward to their visits. This morning we also saw a wild turkey behind the house. We definitely live in "Natureville" which I love as long as the animals stay outside of our house.

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