Wednesday, March 5, 2008

8 weeks......but who's counting......

I AM!!! I went to the Dr. on Monday(March 3) and things are looking good. I was actually very nervous about this appt because for the last couple of days I had been having pretty strong contractions. The Dr checked and said that things were starting to happen with my cervix but nothing considered preterm with a third baby. I'm feeling really good except for the feeling as though my stomach can not possibly stretch anymore. This morning Josh made a comment how it seems as though I've been pregnant a lot longer this time.:) It must be because I've been pregnant ALL winter which makes it seem like things are taking forever.
We still have no name. I'm nesting like crazy. Strawberries have been the choice food this month and I'm dying for it to warm up enough that Josh can grill out. It started off with a craving for grilled out steak but now I would settle for a turkey hot dog as long as it's grilled. I definitely know what we'll be having for dinner the whole month of April.

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