Monday, May 2, 2011

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring are popping up everywhere! Finally!!!
Summer clothes, sandals, and picking Spring flowers are a sure sign that warm weather is coming to stay soon.
Landscaping and outside projects have begun! The sod that was destroyed last fall by our raccoon friend was pulled up and new sod has been laid.
The side yard is completely completed!!! Prince Charming laid the last 1500 square feet of sod and now we are hoping that everything will blend together so the strip down the center of the yard won't be so noticeable.
The side deck has been repaired from all the ice damage from the awful, cold winter and the post that never was done last fall is in place. The goal was to have most of the major outdoor projects done by the end of May and I'm feeling confident that we actually might accomplish that!
Another sign of Spring: The first bunch of rhubarb from Grandma's garden arrived!
And the absolutely disgusting bowl of morel mushrooms soaking in brine is on my kitchen counter. Praise the Lord these things are only in season for a few weeks! Now the taste isn't that bad but the look of these things soaking just grosses me out!

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