Thursday, May 26, 2011

First Beach Day!!!!

We made it to the beach!!!!!
A few days after Mothers Day we did make it to the beach. I still wasn't feeling great but I was NOT going to miss another perfectly beautiful beach day!
Lovebird enjoyed her first trip to the dunes.

Can you tell that the kids were a tad excited?

The 2011 rock and shell collection has begun.
Because the water is so cold the kids couldn't swim but it was perfect weather to climb the dunes. Now B.W. and Curly Bear are pretty much completely opposite in their attitudes. B.W. is laid back while Curly Bear is super competitive. So naturally she would make sure that she barreled down the sand with no fear of falling in hopes of beating her brother. B.W. on the other hand is more cautious and knows that if you fall you will be spitting out sand for hours.

Yes, that little sand tornado is Curly Bear. As soon as she fell I thought we may have a broken bone and for sure a mouthful of sand. She hit HARD!

No way! She was up and laughing hysterically. There was no way she was going to let go of her lead so she was off running again within seconds. I still have absolutely no idea how she didn't get even a grain of sand in her mouth! It was a great first beach night of the season.


  1. They girls and I looked at that picture of Curly Bear about ten times! :) I am so glad she was laughing when she got up and there were no broken bones! :)

    Fun Beach Night!!!

  2. I know you posted this awhile ago, but I love it!! What a great sequence of pics and I'm sure it was quite funny after you guys realized she was okay. :) Miss you guys!!