Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5 Months

Lovebird is 5 months old and growing cuter by the minute. She has turned into the laid back, loves everyone kind of baby. She is pretty much smiling all the time unless she is hungry. So there have been a few times when she was seeming that she wasn't getting enough to eat and daddy was pushing to feed her some solids. She has been completely enthralled by everyone eating around her so we gave it a try.
She didn't hesitate to take her first bite of the Organic Brown Rice cereal.
At first I thought she was going to like it.

"This stuff is awful!"
I have mixed some banana's into the cereal which she liked better. She doesn't have solids daily yet and only gets them when it seems like she's not getting enough from nursing. But soon the baby food making will begin!

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