Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mission Photoshoot: FAIL

So while we were getting ready for church on Resurrection Sunday I packed up the camera so I could get some pictures of the kids at church. Let's just say that getting ready that morning was a little chaotic. I guess we have become quite used to going to church on Saturday night instead.

While I did have good intentions.......this was the only picture that was taken. I know, it is soooo dark. My absolute favorite lens was starting to go out but we didn't realize it until just this past week. So at the end of the day we thought we would try to get a few pictures of the kids.
Again,dark! I think you can also see by Cuddlebug's face that picture taking was not going to happen. We aborted the mission rather quickly.
A little talk with daddy.....
.....along with some cuddles.....
.....followed by some kisses was all that was needed.

However, by the time Cuddlebug was calmed down it was time for Lovebird to eat so that was the end of that photo shoot.

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