Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wisdom in the Place Where You Are

So I have already posted about our trip this past weekend but wanted to share another incident that happened. So J had a business meeting on Friday which meant that we HAD to leave the house at noon. Lately we have adopted an attitude about traveling that we will do our best but we aren't going to rush around and get all crazy to leave by a certain time when it really doesn't matter. OK so the going crazy part is mostly on my end but in the last few months I've really learned how to relax, slow down, and look to the Lord for Wisdom on how to get everything done. Well this trip was going to be different since we had something scheduled and the fact that it was business related put an even more urgent feeling on our departure time. Did I mention we decided to make this an overnight trip just the night before? I woke up early and went to work. At one point I really thought I was trying to accomplish the impossible but after a quick prayer and a little more work everything came together and I had all three kids in the car when J pulled in and we left less than 10 minutes later.

The trip went well and we reached the meeting 15 minutes early. While J went to his meeting I planned on doing school in the car with the kids. J thought the meeting would be about an hour and a half and while I knew this was going to be a stretch for all three kids I thought we could swing it. The first hour went well and we were very productive. During the next hour things turned a little hairy as the kids were tired and their allergies were going crazy since we were surrounded by blooming dogwood trees. At one point H was crying, L was whining because she was bored, B was not wanting to do his math, and I was using every fiber of my being to stay patient. I prayed, or more like pleaded with the Lord to help everyone calm down. H and L both fell asleep and B finished his math now that all was quiet. After B finished he read some books and L joined him when she woke up. Things started going south again so I started reading a book to them and prayed that J would come out before I finished. He was knocking on the window by page 3. Once J was back in the car I looked at the clock and we had made it through a 3 HOUR meeting!!! I couldn't have done it without the Lord!!! Lately I've been learning to lean on the Lord in the smallest of smallest things. God's wisdom isn't just for those huge decisions but also for the little things. He will always give you wisdom in the place where you are. Even in a Honda Odyssey with 3 kids for 3 hours.

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  1. Hi, Kris! I find myself begging for certain things to get me through the day too. It's just about taking advantage of our special status as a child of God. Feel free to link to my blog as well. I was thinking about setting up a blogroll too. Mind if I reciprocate?