Monday, May 4, 2009

Tulip Time

Nothing says spring like the Tulip Festival. We headed up for the weekend. It worked out great since J has a business meeting and T and M needed help moving.
E joined us for the day so T and M could finish moving. Here the kids are sitting in the big wooden shoes. I was very proud of Blake who gave up his shoe so E could get in for the picture.

Blake looking at the catch.

So this is the best picture of all the kids. We have tried to take cousin pictures in the past and they all look like this. There is always one who isn't looking.

B and L loved the swing ride. This is their second time on it. I took E on the first time and knew my stomach couldn't handle a second spin.

B and L loved the horse carts you could sit in. The favorite show to watch in the O house is Little House on the Prairie so in this picture B is pretending to be Pa and L is either Ma or her usual character, Laura.

Look what the stork brought us!!!

Peter and the dyke has been the favorite story so far in our Holland unit study. I didn't realize they had Steak and Shake's back then!!!:)

The Tulips were beautiful this year. It was a great weekend. We hadn't planned on this being a full weekend trip since we've been traveling so much but it was a lot of fun and we may be doing the same thing in a couple of weeks as J has another business meeting.

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  1. Little House is the favorite in our house too. It's such a relief to know they can watch almost any episode without first having to preview or monitor what they are seeing. And how neat that they love the same program I grew up watching!

    I can't believe how much the older girls look alike! They look like sisters instead of cousins.