Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who Needs to Leave the House....


So here is what tonight consisted of:

1. Cartwheels in the Living Room. I told J I was not feeling up to an ER visit if he pulled or broke anything.

2. Watching funny Youtube videos.

3. Have Dinner.

4. Laugh and cheer for H as she is finally crawling up on all fours....sometimes. Yeah H!!!

5. Family Mariocart competition. Hey it's raining so what else could we do??

6. Laughing at H as she decides to join L in her craft and draws a picture and understands how to use a glue stick. She is definitely advanced in some areas!!!

7. Then it's off to bed for the kiddo's.

Now we usually have Family Devotionals but tonight we weren't watching the clock and it got to be late. H has reached that age where instead of just being at family night she is now a part of it. She makes us laugh most of the time. She really is the most content child!!! I think this is a big reason she doesn't want to crawl or walk. She is very content in just sitting back and taking everything in. Although her curiosity is starting to take over and tonight she was all over the place. It was a great night in, without anything we had to do or any place we had to go.

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