Monday, May 18, 2009


OK so I have many posts coming but now I need to VENT!!!!

So 3 years ago Liah was in the hospital for febrile seizures. It was one of those great medical moments where after three days of tests they came to the conclusion that I had come to three days prior and then said,"And that will be $20,000."!!! So here we are three years later and I'm still dealing with billing for it. Wait, let me clarify.....I'm dealing with billing in one office. The 9 others got it right back in 2006 and have moved on. As many know one hospital visit equals about 10 different bills since they all bill separately. Anesthesia, Neurology, ER, Gauze department,etc.. OK so gauze department might be a stretch........ but not a big stretch. So this one office(I'm not going to mention any names but it rhymes with Louth Hend Beurology.:) didn't file with the right insurance and by the time they came to that conclusion the insurance company said it was too late. Now of course nobody wants to take responsibility. The office claims that I can fight with the hospital since they are the ones who sent the wrong info.. The girl was very quiet when I told her I thought it was very odd that EVERYONE else was sent the right info. and they were the only ones out of the loop. I feel like I'm going to have an aneurysm and then I'll need an MRI myself!!!

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  1. I totally feel your pain. I have wrestled with quite a few of these situations. I hope it all gets sorted out for you soon and with as little pain to your wallet as possible. This is an old bill. I would find out what the insurance portion of it would have been and offer to pay them the bill minus the insurance portion. There is an insurance write off portion, payable by ins. portion, and then your percentage or copay portion. I bet if you do this homework and present it to them, they might take it.