Friday, June 27, 2008

Indy Childrens Museum

We had a great time at the Children's Museum. Right now they have a Curious George exhibit that Liah was excited about and a super hero exhibit that Blake was ecstatic about so it was the perfect time to go.

Liah was so excited to get her pic taken with Curious George but when it came to her turn she got a little scared so she needed Daddy to go up with her.
Liah going down the rocket ship slide.
Blake with Spiderman. We also got to see one of the bat mobiles.
Blake spent almost an hour drawing his own superheros.
Digging for Dinosaurs.
This is the guy who found the T-Rex that is on display at the museum. Blake waited very patiently to get his autograph and picture.

Liah playing at the big water table. Thankfully she didn't get to wet.

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