Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Day With Friends

So it has been quite a while since Danielle and I had swapped kids. This was actually the first time since I entered the last trimester of pregnancy I think. It was fun to have the gang together again and the kids had a great time. They played outside and then came in for lunch.

The assembly line of lunches. I'm out of colors for my plates. I'm going to have to get more before Hannah joins them. I guess I should plan ahead and grab a couple since Karl and Danielle are adopting and it's only a matter of time before she'll be joining the lunch brigade as well.
This picture was taken before I had Mac and Cheese all over my floor.
The older boys getting their half hour of video game time.
Liah helping Owen with a puzzle.
Next week is my week to have some time to myself (plus Hannah of course). There are so many things I have to get done but I might just go to Panera Bread and then head to Barnes and Noble. We'll see how ambitious I am that day.


  1. I love Hannah up there on the counter at the end of the assembly line. "I'd like mine with a little Hannah please!"

  2. I was worried it might look a little negligent. Though this is one of her favotite places to lay. She's probably thinking,"Mom really needs to clean under these cabinets."