Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Annual Strawberry Binge

Last night we went and did our final strawberry pick of the year. It was great weather this year for picking. It was actually a little chilly last night as you can tell by the bundled baby. We just picked about 3/4 of a box to eat this week. I already have 12 big bags in the freezer for this winter and thought that would be plenty.

Hannah thought it was a little chilly for a June evening.
Josh trying to fill the box up before the baby started to cry.
Liah in a sea of strawberry bushes.
Blake showing off what he thought was the perfect berry.
Time to go home and make some more biscuits for strawberry shortcake.

About 3 weeks until we'll be out picking berries again----Blueberries that is.

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  1. Hi Kristine! I found your blog by clicking around other ones. :D Hey, can you tell me (email) where you picked your berries? Is there still time left for strawberries? Cute pictures of your family!