Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Stiring in my Heart

Five years ago (I can't believe it has been that long.) Josh and I went through an amazing season of ministry. Through our next door neighbors in the apartment we were living in at the time we were able to reach out to many Muslim's from Chicago. Two couples in particular. This was a great time and also a very tiring time for me. The ministry wore me down and to be honest I was so glad to see that season end as I was pregnant with Liah. We have tried to keep in contact and keep those doors open for future seasons but this has been difficult since our old neighbors have moved back to Chicago and every day life seems so busy. Even though that ministry left me so drained it made a forever impact on my heart to see these women freed from the captivity they are in. Lately this stirring has become even stronger. Since the birth of Hannah and seeing what a blessing she is to our family I'm reminded that girls are not always considered a blessing. I have witnessed this first hand in the voice of a disappointed father delivering the news that he has yet another daughter. If only they would see the one true God and how he works. I'm excited and anxiously waiting to see what the Lord has for me in this part of ministry.

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