Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Great Day

Today we had a great and fun day. The Blair Hills Neighborhood Garage Sale was today and with a new baby and everything there was no way we would be participating and having a sale so instead we decided to walk around the neighborhood checking out everyone else's. Josh's parents joined us and we figured we walked about three miles. Now remember that's three miles up and down steep hills. By the time we got back home we were all tired and extremely HUNGRY. Josh and his dad ran to the store to grab some meat to grill out which everyone enjoyed. The rest of the day was spent doing random things that had to get done. After Shabbat meal I decided I was going to try to take some pics. of the kids for various projects I'm working on. Well I don't know if it was because they were so tired from the day or it was all the fresh air but everyone was acting very silly. Things started off well but then Liah decided she wanted to try to get in all the pictures of Blake and things just got sillier from there as you can see.

I did manage to get some good pics. and also God gave me that great reminder that kids will be kids and I just need to enjoy that.

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