Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Girls Room is Done!

So this was one of those projects that I was working on before Hannah arrived and it never was completely finished. The only things I had left to do was some minor decorating but I don't consider a job done until it's done. Thankfully Hobby Lobby still had the same letters they did when I originally did Liah's room so Hannah's name matches. I'm excited for the girls to one day share a room. Hannah will be sleeping in our bedroom for a little while yet. Many people have asked why we are having the girls share. I know that we have space for everyone to have their own rooms but we think it's important for our kids to learn how to share with each other and I think it will make them closer in the long run. When the teenage years come and if we are still in this house we'll have to maybe rethink sleeping situations but for now I'm happy with our decision.

The closet was one of my organizing obsessions when I was nesting during those last couple of months of my pregnancy.
Liah loves the labels on the bins. She now knows where everything goes.

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