Saturday, May 10, 2008

Going to a wedding as a mom

Weddings have always been something Josh and I love going to together. It always takes you back to your wedding day and the new and exciting adventure that lay before you. Today my friend Bryanne embarked on that new adventure and I'm so excited for her and Jordan. The wedding was beautiful and Josh and I especially enjoyed the closing blessing that one of their friends gave........from ISRAEL. Isn't Skype an amazing thing? Today I looked back and can't believe Josh and I will be married for nine years this July. I also realized today how different things are and how life has been blessed beyond words.

Now while I love the season of life we're in right now, I also realized how different it is to go to wedding....with kids. We just took Liah and Hannah. Through the ceremony both were great. The reception was where I noticed this new epiphany. I had to feed Hannah in the car since I couldn't find a private spot to nurse and then later on had to change a diaper on the bathroom floor. Liah started to get tired about an hour into it. While we still had a great time it was one of those days where you can just feel how much work goes into taking care of kids. Thankfully I was not the only one. I watched my friend Danielle put her youngest in time out on the stairs in the middle of the reception hall while waiting in line for appetizers.

I did have a great time though and got to talk with friends I don't get to see that often.

So again I congratulate Bryanne and Jordan and pray that the Lord blesses their marriage more than they ever thought possible.

Note: I did bring my camera but forgot to take pictures. I think I got one of Liah eating a grape. Not quite sure why.:)

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  1. This wedding sure came up quickly! Sounds like it was a wonderful day. Hope you had a great Mother's day.