Sunday, June 10, 2012

Girls Only: Saturday

The boys are in California on an "All Guys" trip.  The girls are trying to keep busy at home.  We have a list of things to get done around the house and a list of fun things to do while they are gone.  Yesterday we did better on our fun list than we did on the To Do list.  It was extremely hot and we worked outside until about 10am and then came in.  Lovebird loved playing in the dirt while we tried to figure out what to plant where.  We did get the back deck planters done and now we just have the front planters and the container vegetable garden left.  Hopefully it cools down in the next few days so we can finish.
After everyone was bathed and showered. We relaxed around the house for a little bit while Lovebird took a nap and then we headed out.  First stop was Panera Bread for a late lunch.  I'm not sure if the weather really was soup kind of weather but the two older girls LOVE broccoli cheddar so there was no question what they would be eating.  Then we headed to Hobby Lobby, Target, and Home Depot.
When we were finally back home we broke out the fun activities and crafts we found at Hobby Lobby.  Balloons are always a hit!
This is Cuddlebug's concentration face.  They were trying to see how many balloons they could keep up in the air at one time.
Then it was time for some crafting fun.
Lovebird joined us and well.....she mostly just threw all the pieces all over the table but she still had a good time.  With a little help she finished her craft.

Curly Bear and Cuddlebug then made another craft while I tried to keep Lovebird happy and occupied.  She is really missing B.W. when it comes to play time.  I have caught her in his room numerous times looking for him.  She also has been singing a "Dada" song every time we go anywhere in the car.  I think she is hoping we are going to pick up the boys.  We ended the night with painting toenails and then had a light dinner.  We have many more fun activities planned and hopefully the next few days will be productive and most of all fun!

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