Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bear Hugs

 The girls have been wanting to go to Build A Bear for a really long time.  I figured with the boys gone this would be a great super special treat.  We had planned on going tomorrow but my phone was having issues and I had to go in to the Apple store for a support appointment so we moved bear making since we would be at the mall already.  They each got to pick a bear and an outfit.  I love how Lovebird was just as excited to do this for the mere fact that she knew her older sisters were excited about it so it must be cool.
We then came back home and watched Mary Poppins.  Everyone dozed on and off during the movie and got some much needed naps.  It was Mickey waffles for dinner which I made way too many of.  I keep forgetting that Prince Charming and B.W. are not eating and keep making way too much food.  But it looks like with all the leftovers I can put grocery shopping off for a few extra days!

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