Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Missing our Pool Days

Oh how I miss our daily trips to the pool. Just looking back at these pictures I can feel the afternoon heat of summer!
Actually, the day these pictures were taken it was freezing! Lovebird was protesting a tad about being put in for the mere photo op.
Then there is Curly Bear and B.W. who could really care less about the temperatures and will take any chance to be in the water.
Cuddlebug spent much of her summer sitting on these stairs. This was most definitely her favorite spot.
And why did Cuddlebug and Lovebird like going to the pool? Snack Time of course! We wouldn't be there for more than five minutes and Cuddlebug would be asking if it was almost time for the whistle to blow so she could have a snack. Our last trip Daddy let the kids pick out a treat from the vending machines. Lovebird didn't think it was fair she didn't get any Skittles so she just sat and begged. It worked. Thankfully we caught the fact that Cuddlebug had sneaked her one. We then had a nice conversation about choking hazards. We are already looking forward to next Spring when the pool opens back up.

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