Sunday, October 16, 2011

Catch Up: {Disneyland}

We are a Disney vacationing family. We love going to Disney World. We love the parks. We love the restaurants. We love the shows. We love the hotels. We absolutely love Disney World. So because we were so close to Disneyland we thought we would see how it compared. We did remind ourselves that this was going to be different than our usual Disney experience.
Prince Charming took our traditional picture of coming out on to Main Street. was a little anti climatic. The castle here definitely couldn't compete with the one that has its residence in the sunshine state.
This was Lovebird's first Disney experience on the outside. Our last trip I was pregnant with her.
Waiting in line for the Pooh ride.
"Dad, this isn't going to scare me is it?"
We forgot Lovebird's hat so we picked her up a new Minnie baseball hat. She loved it. Or I should say she loved chucking it out of her stroller and watching us go and retrieve it.
We didn't wait in any lines to see characters except for the chief mouse himself. Lovebird had to meet Mickey!!! She was smitten just like Cuddlebug was and still is.
Whenever I saw Tangled things I would think of how much the other two girls would love it. As you can see, Lovebird was exhausted from all the Disney fun.
Rapunzel's tower. The two other girls want to go to Disneyland just so they can see this in person.
"Mickey, We're moving to Florida!" Just kidding! While Disneyland was different it also had an old school charm about it. We did have a good time!!!

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