Sunday, October 16, 2011

Catch Up: {More Summer Fun List}

We did make it through most of our Summer Fun list. It was a very busy summer but it was also a very fun summer!
We went to see Cars 2. This picture was taken out in the hall of the theatre. After Lovebird decided she wanted to give her critique of the film in the middle of it.
We went to the zoo with friends.
The Bigs.
The Littles. Plus Curly Bear in the background making sure no one fell off.
I let the kids wash the cars. They also washed each other.
If you tried to take the hose out of Cuddlebugs hands she would spray you. Her plan worked.
The kids had the best time and we got a job done.
We went to the World Pulse Festival. Well we actually were only there for 45 minutes and then right before the Newsboys were suppose to come on a bad storm blew in. The kids were incredibly disappointed but rumor is that the Newsboys will play next year so hopefully we will be in town.
You can see the dark skies in the background. This was the same day and almost the exact same time that the tragedy at the Indiana State fair grounds took place. So even though the kids were disappointed it was a great lesson in how blessed we were that everyone was safe and unharmed at the concert we were at.
To lessen the disappointment we went to the Chocolate Cafe. Cuddlebug enjoyed her chocolate covered pretzel.
The kids rode their bikes around the neighborhood while the littles and I walked and were pushed in the stroller.

We also made it to the root beer stand but didn't get a picture. There were a few things that didn't get done but there is always next summer!!!!

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